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Prepare your savings for the biggest financial crisis since 1950 – from home!


The coronavirus COVID-19 is an existential threat to the global economy. Experts expect the damage to be much worse than the financial crisis 2008. Prepare your savings for the biggest financial crisis since 1950 now – without leaving your home.


International stock markets crashed 30-40% and bond indices slipped 10-15%. Commodities dropped 35-65%. Cryptocurrencies decreased 60-65%. The Euro devalued 3-6% vs. Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and US-Dollar. Even gold lost 10-15%.

Governments and central banks prepared aid packages of more than 3.5 trillion Euro and counting. Experts estimate that far more than 5 trillion Euro will be required in total. This will dramatically increase government debt and drive inflation.

Numerous industries, e.g. airlines, travel, events, leisure, gastronomy, catering,banks and oil companies are particularly hard hit by the crisis. Despite financial aid packages short-time work, mass layoffs and company bankruptcies are inevitable.

More than infected, more than dead and counting. Fake statistics to prevent mass panic as several reports claim. Real numbers are significantly higher. Thus, the full negative impact of the crisis is highly underestimated.

Finally, and even more alarming, international experts are convinced that the worst is yet to come …


Capital markets reacted irrationally to the Corona crisis as all asset classes lost value. Historically gold was a safe haven but panic rushed investors towards cash. However, zero interest and rapidly increasing government debt pose significant risks to the Euro.

Bitcoin can fill this gap. The world’s number one digital currency offers fast price recovery. The upcoming halving event doubling Bitcoin’s scarcity factor on May 9th 2020 might even further increase Bitcoin price.

Hence, the irrational dip of digital currency prices might be the optimal opportunity to profit from the Bitcoin stabilizing and prepare your savings for the biggest financial crisis since 1950.

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